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We are Mark and Jean Landes. We started our roofing company on our 21st wedding anniversary in 2016. It was an exciting day! Soon after, we purchased the assets of an existing roofing company.

This former company was well established. It had been serving the community for well over a decade. There were established crews and before stepping into the role of boss, Mark took the opportunity to work alongside them.

They accepted Mark as another hand. The seasoned roofing crew chiefs told him to go pick up this or go do that and Mark did all that was asked of him.

Because Mark was new to the roofing crews, they had him doing manual work; carrying bundles of roofing shingles up and down ladders, tearing-off used roofing shingles and sweeping the roof deck. Mark observed EVERYTHING they did.

I observed how each crew worked; I examined all roofing installation details performed by each man.
Mark found each individual crew members work ethics to be exemplary. There are no slackers, no corner-cutting and no time or material wasting. Nothing but top notch talent and skill level. In the end, he saw repeated excellence with each and every roof.

60 days later, we were pleased to announce that Mark was the new boss and Jean would run everything behind the scenes.

Today, we are so pleased and proud of each and every individual and to be part of a professional roofing team of caring, highly skilled individuals who take pride in flat roof installation, asphalt roof shingle installation, and carpentry.

The greatness of this roofing company is due to all of us who perform our duties honestly, and diligently every day.

Allow us to proudly introduce, Allen Exterior Remodeling, Inc.

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