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Back in 2008, we asked ourselves a simple question that would later become our mission: Why is it still so hard to find a local plumber to come fix your pipes? Or get a handyman to install the new light fixtures you just purchased? Or any local skilled professional to assist you in any of daily life needs?

Friendly.biz was conceived thanks to the effort of our group of worker bees, who envisioned an innovative, effective, and, most of all, friendly way to connect customers with local business and make it easier to find technicians next to related products that require professional assistance to install or repair.

Find the Right Pro and Product

When we created Friendly.Biz, we had one main goal in our minds: conquer the world! (just kidding) Our main objective is to streamline the process of reaching out for experts or finding solutions to the customer’s needs, utilizing geolocation to find the most convenient solutions.

We just want to make things easy for you and for everyone who either wants to offer their services to the world, or it’s in the lookout for a pro workaround or a quick alternative.

The Hive
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