What You Need to Do Before and After Hiring a Pest Control Professional

Keeping our home and our workplace clean and neat, not only gives us peace of mind and motivation to keep up our daily routines in an orderly manner. It also maintains our areas free of unwanted ‘visitors’ that could put our health and the health of our loved ones at risk, aka pests. 

However, pests tend to be a sneaky ailment that takes advantage of our conditions to settle down and make our homes theirs, contaminating our foods and destroying everything. Something quite dangerous. Fortunately, nowadays, we can count on the help of professionals with abilities and skills to get rid of this unwanted problem. 

What does a pest and wildlife control professional do?

We know that most of the time, we figured we could take pest issues into our hands. You know, killing some bugs here and there, or setting traps for slightly bigger creatures, problem solved, right? Unfortunately, not always a pest problem can be controlled that easily. Things such as a colony of termites, or large hives of wasps could limit our resources pretty fast. Not to mention that most of these cases could put our lives in danger. 

When this happens, it’s time to call for an exterminator or pest/animal control technician asap. Whether the professional works independently or for a company, this individual would have the set of skills to take care of a variety of pests no matter the building it decided to inhabit. 

A skilled technician would also have detailed knowledge to identify the pest/animal, know their habits, and where they commonly build their nests or burrows. Additionally, they have a thorough understanding of all the dangerous chemicals they work with and how to safely handle them. First, the technician will check all rooms in your house. Then he would determine what’s invading your home and, accordingly, he would proceed to design a treatment plan to solve the issue.

What quick fixes could you consider?

Nothing can be more irritating than not being able to chill at home when you feel exposed to insects, rodents, or other tiny creatures all around you. This furry or creepy crawler “friends” know no limits when it comes to our homes or our workplaces, disturbing us and destroying everything on their way. This causally could make you want to consider simple and less expensive solutions as you make up your mind about calling or not an animal/pest control professional. Psst, we suggest you do so. 

Whatever you decide, here we have listed a few DIYs strategies and products that could ease the control of this problem. A top tip, it’s to keep every surface around you clean, especially from food residues – logical and straightforward. But, if any nuisance has already made their way into your place, you can mix, in equal parts, apple cider, vinegar, and water to scrub your furniture. This mixture works like magic, keep them these little fellows at bay. 

A technical, but eco-friendly, free-of-chemicals and efficient product available in the market, it’s an ultrasonic animal repeller. This device has a powerful sensor that notices any intruding creature, flashing it with its LED lights, disrupting the animal’s senses, and making it run away. Other types of repellers, aimed more specifically to rodents, use the power of sound. This model emits high-frequency sonic waves (inaudible to people or pets) to put mice, rats, and anything in between out of your place in no time. 

Another alternative that maintains its effectiveness and green aspect, but it’s less harsh with your pockets are the pest control pouches. These small bags encapsulate essential oils that naturally repel a multitude of pests, keeping an invisible barrier for any future visitors that decide to come into your space. The mix of cedar, cinnamon, mint, lemongrass, rosemary, mint, and peppermint essences, last up to 1 year in enclosed areas, keeping everything simple and free of messes.

Organic pest control sprays are another similar option, which shows being incredibly effective with house roaches, spiders, ants, fleas, etc. So basically, anything with an exoskeleton and that walks in more than two legs! This natural home pest control option works mostly fast and safely, keeping any harsh chemicals out of their formula. 

How to get rid of them once and for all?

As mentioned, the best way to put all pests or unwanted animals in their way out of your place is by hiring a professional pest-animal control technician. The primary reasons are if the problem keeps being ongoing, or if the infestation has become too much to handle. The benefits of choosing this alternative are that you’ll not only receive assistance from a certified expert but also receive a long-lasting solution that will keep you worry-free. 

And, as crazy as it sounds, opting for a technician can be considered cheaper in the long run, as DIYs treatment and products could require continuous investment to keep working. While, on the other hand, a professional technician can eliminate pests with only a few visits and provide you warranties to assure the success of the process without giving more money. 

How much would it cost?

On average, the cost of getting the help of a professional range between $100 – $300 for pest control and $100 – $1000 for animal control services. But the price can radically change depending on the type of animal the expert has to handle, for example, getting rid of ants can go up to $250. While termite-problems could initially cost $1000, this without summing $75 – $150 for the set fee for the inspection. 

And even though government services for wildlife control are usually a free service, it only works with domesticated or larger animals, which is pretty limited. Commonly animal control can also vary according to the creature to control. Handling squirrels and raccoons can cost between $200-$600, the price for getting rid of rats, mice, and bats swings from $150 up to $550.  Moreover, the price of putting skunks and opossum back in nature is between $250-600. Another service, which is the removal of dead animals, can cost $150-$250.

What you should be asking your professional?

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you just want to take care of your old house, deciding to hire an expert needs you to be 100% involved with the process, so you can get the best result! – Here are some questions you should keep in mind before getting started with the extermination.

Firstly, make sure how long the technician or company has been in the market, this would ensure that you’re working with a proven business. Creating a more trustworthy relationship between you and them. Remember that these persons would have access to your home or office.  A brilliant second question is to ask for testimonials or any other type of reviews from previous clients, the lack of these can be a red flag.

Most importantly, request for the company or freelancer for their license. A well-established professional pest-animal control business should quickly get back to you with a positive affirmation to this demand.

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How to prevent pest and wildlife animals from appearing again?

Whenever you have already gone by an experience with pests or wild animals, or you just want to be cautious, it’s never too late to start preventing it. The best way to defend your place against this little-size annoyance is to never give them the chance to begin creating their nest in your area. Keep constantly checking all corners and all possible areas where tiny creatures could make life in. 

Another suggestion is to keep your rooms clean. Especially the area where food is stored, aka kitchens, as food and food residues, attract efficiently tiny insects and small mammals, such as mice, rats, and such. For the same reasons, you should also keep the garbage as minimal as possible. And remember to seal all your utility pipes, or else, you’ll be giving all pests or animals an easy way into your home. 

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