Locksmith Services

Since its origins, locksmithing has been considered the craftsmanship of designing and producing locks and other types of protection mechanisms to avoid or allow the access of individuals to certain buildings, areas, and pieces of furniture. And without their presence, we’d surely still be looking for reliable ways to keep our most precious goods, properties, and even ourselves and our loved ones away from the willful intent of others. 

It’s quite rather fascinating how such practice can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Babylon, almost 4000 years ago! Back then, the first locksmiths used wood to come up with devices, which only way to open was by using big and unwieldy keys. Luckily, today’s locksmiths have upgraded their techniques and their craft. What hasn’t changed is our demand for one when we get locked outside our homes, offices, or our cars.  But you can rest assured that when this occurs, you can count with us to help you locate the nearest locksmith so you can keep with your day. Stay tuned, keep reading, and find out how. 

What’s a locksmith and what does it do

We’re pretty sure that a lot of us can narrow locksmiths as individuals capable of opening doors when they get locked and find a way to recover our keys. If that’s the case, you, like many others, don’t acknowledge all the benefits that a professional locksmith can offer. These technicians are the ones in charge of installing, repairing, and maintaining locks, latches, and padlocks in top-notch. Prohibiting the entrance of strangers or unwanted visitors to certain places, so they play a ‘key‘ role when it comes to safety and privacy.

Aside from unlocking residential, commercial, and vehicle doors, some professionals also offer the installation of security shutters, as well as anti-drill and anti-burglar cylinders. They’re also capable of assembling and creating electric locks and master keys, as well as supply copies of all sorts of openers and controllers. Some more specialized locksmiths cover the specific necessities of structures, such as banks and government offices, where they are responsible for putting video cameras and setting up alarms. In a nutshell, a locksmith is a qualified professional in all things related to protection and security.

So never undervalue having a locksmith’s phone number at hand. Since it could possibly become one of the most relevant and helpful contractors that you could have on your phone directory. Trust us when we say that their timely assistance can make the difference between having to spend hours of uncomfortableness and discomfort and keeping on with the rest of your day.  

But, what can you do on your own

Let’s imagine that unfortunately enough you’ve got locked yourself out of your home, what now? What can you do? For starters, keep your cool. There are a few tips and suggestions that you can follow before imperatively having to call your closest service provider. First, try to ask for help, whether it be from a roommate or your partner, perhaps they’ll have a copy of the keys and would be more than willing to go into the rescue. 

If your place is rented and the owner lives nearby, go ahead and try to get in contact with the landlord. Since most of the time, they’ll have a copy of the house keys. In case you live in an apartment, your best bet is to reach out of the concierge, considering that usually, every residential build holds a master key to every unit.

Another great alternative that usually gets overlooked, it’s to search for open windows or backdoors. We know this could be unlikely to find, considering no one wants intruders or unwanted guests in their homes. But go ahead and try it, just remember being careful if you find a window unlocked, try to enter with caution. You wouldn’t like to break something in your way in!

You can also attempt to make your own DIY locksmith tools, being bobby pins or paper clips, and hard plastic cards the best options and biggest allies when it comes to it. Just jimmy them thru the lock or in the space between the door and the door frame while you simultaneously shake the doorknob a little.

What about a professional 

If any of the previous options aren’t suitable for you, or you simply want to skip them over and go straight to a trustworthy solution. Don’t dread about having to call for a professional locksmith to get things done and help you gain access to your home as quickly as possible. 

One of the coolest advantages of requesting the assistance of a locksmith, it’s how many of them offer their services 24/7. This basically means that you can ask for a locksmith at any time of the day, even at night! But what other benefits come with hiring such help? Let’s start by mentioning safety. Working with a professional in the area can guarantee you security for you, the people that live with you, and the property you’re trying to get in. 

It’s also important to notice that the level of quality when it comes to doing their work, it’s superior. The seamlessness and smoothness in regards to their performance, apply to situations where you have to either get into a building, or install a new security system. Besides, a locksmith’s experience and skill are invaluable in emergency situations!

How much would it cost 

Currently, having a locksmith over to open the doors of a vehicle can cost from $75 to $250. While for a home’s door, the price can get a slight bit cheaper by deducting $50 to the previously mentioned fees. If, on the other hand, your lock needs to get completely changed, you can be sure that it’ll cost you between $100 and $200, plus $20. which is the general cost of a brand new lock. 

Generally speaking, the hourly price of a lock professional starts at $70 forward. Whereas after-hours fees can raise up to $100 and $250. In case your key got broken inside the door, removing it can take from $80 to $140.

What you should be asking your professional

We know that most of the time that we’re looking for a locksmith, we just want to dial the first phone number that comes up. But wait! Before running to make a call and choosing one, we recommend you consider a couple of questions that can guarantee your feeling of satisfaction with the end-result of their work.

Knowing if the professional you’re about to hire possesses a proper ID, license, certifications, and insurance to perform is one of the utmost points you should be asking. An expert with all these elements in order will leave you feeling a lot more calm and confident. This way, you’ll also be avoiding any possible scams along the way.

Another great question is knowing if the service provider offers a warranty and, in case of an affirmative answer, requesting it. A qualified locksmith will use this period of warranty to monitor their work and make sure new problems don’t come up.

Get to know them a bit more, remember that at the end of the day, you’ll be putting the safety of your home, office, or vehicle in their hands. So go ahead and ask if the person has undergone a background check, make sure that nothing suspicious comes up, and verify how reliable of a locksmith it is.

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How to prevent having to call a locksmith

Let’s be honest, getting locked out can be one of the most annoying experiences ever, so preventing them needs to be a priority for most of us. We know that sometimes it can be difficult since most of the time that we tend to call a locksmith is because our mind has played tricks on us. For that reason, we’ve come up with some ideas that will probably leave you out of these troublesome situations. 

The first and most optimal option is having an electrical door installed. This type of technology will let you go keyless out in the street by just needing your phone to gain access to the property, pretty neat, isn’t it? – You can also give a spare set of keys to other members of your family, closest friends, and even a trustworthy neighbor. On the other hand, you can even consider hiding a key in a strategic spot outside your house, like under a plant or rock. If you don’t know-how, you can purchase fake rock that has a hollow inside that lets you put your spare keys safely inside. Just make sure to keep it a secret. 

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