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Mold Inspection & Testing | MI&T is the largest and and most trusted test only company in not only Seattle but also the entire country. We have certified mold inspectors in over 50 major metro areas who all operate without a conflict of interest; no removal. This ensures the test results you receive are honest and factual. 
Our business was founded for this specific reason as the owner of the company was involved in the restoration business and saw the unethical business practices first hand by other companies. The truth is that not all mold is toxic, in fact there is a normal amount of mold growth all around us. 
We start with an outsider control sample to set a baseline for what is normal in the area. It’ll be compared to an inside sample that is taken from the area of greatest concern. From this we’ll know whether elevated conditions exist. Inspectors must recommend additional air/surface samples that they feel could be helpful. Additional samples are beneficial for confirming a source of a problem, determining how far a problem has spread and/or finding a problem before it has caused elevated conditions throughout the rest of the home or business. Each sample is an additional $75 so the client decides what they want taken and submitted after the inspectors recommendations. Regardless of how many samples are taken, we’ll provide you with as much information as we possibly can. 
All customers receive complete lab results from the testing. Clients that do have elevated conditions are given a detailed report that includes a step by step protocol for mold remediation. This will send you into the restoration process far more educated on a process that you’ve likely never dealt with before. Having this in hand will go a long way to make sure the company you hire to complete the work does not do anything unnecessary but also completes each step needed to make sure the job is completed correctly the first time and you aren’t left with any lingering issues. Clients that do not have elevated conditions can receive a clearance letter stating that the indoor environment is normal upon request.

Seattle Mold Inspection, Seattle Mold Testing, Seattle Mold Test, Seattle Mold Inspector

Mold Inspection & Testing Seattle performs visual assessments along with air and surface sampling to give an unbiased opinion on whether or not a home or business has a mold problem that requires professional mold remediation. 
Our Seattle Mold Inspector will do a full visual inspection where they’ll look for any red flags like water intrusion, excess moisture and/or visible mold. After the inspection, we’ll present a plan for testing. The client chooses exactly what samples they want taken and submitted. 
Clients that do have elevated are provided a detailed report for exactly what needs to be done in order to fix the issues. Having this unbiased information at your disposal goes a long way in making sure you are only paying for necessary work and the job is being completed correctly the first time.
MI&T is the largest test only company in the nation. People who are concerned that indoor mold growth is causing an indoor air quality at a home or business turn to us more than anyone else in the country.

Indoor Air Quality Association, National Organization of Remdiators and Mold Inspectors

IAQA Indoor Air Quality AssociationNACHI National Association Certified Home InspectorsASHI American Society of Home InspectorsIAC2 International Association of Certified Indoor Air ConsultantsNORMI National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors IICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

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