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  • antibacterial doormats
  • antimicrobial doormats
  • disinfectant mat for shoe
  • sanitizing mat for shoes

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For years, ER doctors have stated that our hands and feet carry many germs and are a culprit in spreading most diseases and viruses. So, over the past four years, we’ve worked tirelessly to make a doormat with no SPRAYS or CHEMICALS using silver and copper ion threads to stop spreading most diseases and viruses, and that is how the K-BOC Silver Mat was born. This is the only doormat in the world made of 100% real silver and copper ion to kill bacteria by punching holes in the cell membrane, binding to the bacteria cell from the inside, and wreaking havoc by stopping the bacteria from performing its basic functions. Our Silver / Copper Threads Have Been Tested By SGS International Labs and are ready for your front door.