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For many of us, keeping an eye on our physical well-being is one of the topmost concerns in our daily routines, and our oral health is not the exception to that rule. Having healthy and hygienic smiles it’s up to us, and it can guarantee not only to feel better with ourselves in front of a mirror, but it can also keep us at bay when it comes to dangerous diseases that can put our own life at risk.

The thing about having our mouths as healthy as possible is that we cannot do all the work on our own hence all our teeth and the whole oral cavity, in general, have areas that we can’t be reached by only using our everyday toothbrush or dental floss. Sometimes we need the professional assistance of dentists and their skills to keep our ‘front doors’ in top form, and here we are to help in your search by one. 

What’s a dentist, and what does it do? 

Dentistry (more formally known as stomatology) is the medical field in charge of studying and specializing in all things related to the oral cavity, whether it be its structure, function, or the pathologies that could affect it. Thus a dentist is an expert capable of preventing, diagnosing, and treating any dental and oral disease or pain. And as professionals, the primary intention of a dentist is to improve the lives of their patients. 

But what exactly does a dentist do to accomplish all this?  Well, let’s start by saying that being a dental specialist can be quite a time-consuming profession, but, among all the responsibilities, we can sum them up as follows:  keeping track on the dental record of their patients, check the teeth, gums, muscles, and tissues located in the oral cavity or nearby areas, as well as planning and monitoring the compliance with treatment. And, most importantly, comply with every security rule and prevention measurement to keep the patient safe.

Are there different types of dentists? 

Yes, there are different types of dentists specialized in dealing with specific problems! Commonly speaking, general dentists can perform all kinds of treatments. However, if you’re presenting something considered as out of the ordinary or unusual, you will probably be remitted to one of these specialists. 

A pediatric dentist, whose, as its name suggests, it’s a doctor specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of children’s dental issues. If you’re looking to get a root canal procedure done, then an endodontist is your best option. On another note, a prosthodontist is the most suitable to deal with problems related to the crown, dentures, and bridges. Other specialists that you can consider are orthodontists, whose, with the help of orthopedic appliances, manage to correct dental malformations. And periodontists is the one in charge of the gums and the tissues that surround the teeth. 

When do I need to see a dentist?

As mentioned, we generally see ourselves with the necessity to go to an odontologist’s office when we notice pain or ailment, specifically in our mouth area. But this shouldn’t always be the case. Since a regular visit to a dentist can not only keep our grins white and beautiful, but it could also make the difference between timely detecting oral cancer (or any other severe abnormality) and having to go under most acute difficulties. But let’s hope this is not your case!

On the other hand, having frequent visits to a dentist can also benefit patients with systemic illnesses such as diabetes, AID/HIV, and lupus since all of them can present oral manifestations. But, apart from all of these, discomfort, swollen gums, having difficulty eating, jaw pain, bleeding, and the presence of weird spots and sores are some of the most common reasons to make an appointment with your nearest dental professional. Besides, going once or twice a year is the best thing to do when it comes to keeping everything with your mouth in the best conditions. 

How can you find a dentist?

In the unfortunate case of you dealing with a problem affecting your mouth or your teeth, it should be your uppermost concern to treat such an issue as soon as possible. Considering that an oral trauma or injury can cause not only an undesirable ailment, but it can also engage other parts of your body, such as your neck, jaw, and even the correct functioning of your nervous system.

We know it can be an anxiety-inducing experience, but there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to dealing with professionals and solving your problem. Remember, your health is the most important thing! – Whatever the case may be, we highly recommend to hop on the Internet and use an online web directory to find the closest dentist to you. Another great option in case you don’t have a dentist in mind is to ask your family and friends for recommendations. We are sure they’ll come up with the best doctor they know!

Are other solutions?

We know that thus far, everything that we’ve said seems to indicate that the only way to tackle any issues regarding your mouth is to go to a dentist or any other oral or dental health specialist. Luckily enough, not every case needs to rush into the doctor’s office, allowing you to treat them in the commodity of your home and with the help of innovative, reliable, and practical devices sold on the Internet. 

One of the best examples is when it comes to making our pearly whites more shiny and bright, I mean, who wouldn’t like to have an easy way to get that? Well, this could be easily achievable by purchasing an affordable dental whitening kit. Just place one of these strips over your denture for just an hour or two each day, and in less than a month, you’ll start noticing the changes. You can also get more sophisticated whitening kits that include an accelerator LED light and syringes that contain a gel made by mostly carbamide peroxide, a perfect agent to fight spots and yellowness in the teeth. 

If the use of all these chemicals make you cringe a bit, and you’re looking for a more organic alternative, then a natural charcoal teeth whitening powder comes in as your best bet! It’s not only the most natural, less harmful, and effective option, but it can also surprisingly improve your oral health and freshen your breath. But what if you’re looking for something different? Perhaps your problem isn’t getting your ‘chiclets’ as bright as the sun, but dealing with the annoying clenching of your teeth. If that is the case, your search is over! Try a customizable nocturnal mouthguard. It will keep you away from the hassle and the damages of bruxism. 

What about a professional?

Being checked and assisted by a dentist is always the foremost advisable thing to do to maintain our oral cavities in optimal shape. They play a significant role when it comes to our general health. But, for this to happen, you must get committed with all the treatment. This includes going to monthly checkups, eating healthier and in conformity with the diet established by your odontologist, and strictly following each step along the way. We know it sounds tedious, but we can assure you that by the end of your treatment, you’ll feel 100% happy.

How much would it cost 

Let’s be honest, having a dental treatment done can be quite expensive, but it’s all worthy. To get a bit more in-depth about the prices, you should first know what type of procedure you’re looking for. For example, a dental exam, which is the essential procedure since it helps the dentist detect what’s going on in your mouth, can vary from $90 to $150. Keep in mind that this could already include x-rays, oral cancer screenings, and the exam performed by the doctor. 

If you’re thinking about getting a professional cleaning of your teeth, you’re probably going to add $75 or even $1000 to your budget. The cost of having tooth fillings to keep your denture strong and intact could range from $125 to $175, while dental sealants go from $20 to $40. More complex procedures like root canal treatments can take anywhere from $600 to $900, being dental implants one of the most expensive things to get done, costing from $2500 up to $4000! 

Other procedures worth mentioning the prices are the extraction of teeth, which could cost from $125 to $275 per tooth, whereas the price for a professional teeth whitening can vary from $100 to $600.

What you should be asking your professional

Keep things clear between you and your dentist, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, whether it be about the way the procedure is carried or about all the certifications that the professional should have. This will ensure that you’re feeling satisfied with the work-ethics of your oral health specialist. But, if you’re feeling a bit lost about what you could ask, here we’ve listed some of the most important and common questions.

Make sure to know all the ways that you could be performing a good practice of oral hygiene at home, ask your dentist for advice about it, and see if there’s something that you’d improve. It’s also crucial to know how often you should be getting dental checkups and why. Ask about how to prevent problems like tooth decay or gingivitis, that way you would not only save a few bucks for the future, but it would also help you improve your overall health situation. Should you use mouthwash regularly, or is it better to use it less frequently? Are dental implants an option for you? Or do you have sensitivity? – These are only a few of the most relevant questions that you’d keep in mind next time you got to visit your dentist. 

How to prevent going to the dentist

As we previously mentioned (and highly advised), going to the doctor’s office a couple of times each year is the best thing you can do for yourself. Nonetheless, there are certain things that you can do to avoid visiting the dental clinic as much as possible for the rest of the year. 

The first thing you should be caring about is flossing and brushing, the use of these overlooked practices twice a day, and with the help of high fluoride toothpaste can do miracles when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy. Be more self-aware about your habits. This includes avoiding smoking and keeping your eating and drinking habits as healthy as possible, as this has a direct impact on your denture. Remember, teeth are your presentation card to the world. Keep them safe and sound, and the rest will smile back at you!

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