Pay Per Call Advertising and Campaigns + Its Benefits for Local Skilled Trade Businesses

70% of online searches for local businesses on a smartphone call the business within 24 hours

Research shows more customers conduct online research before buying a product or booking a service. Search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Facebook) make this task fast, easy, and convenient.

Anyone can compare prices, rating, and customer reviews, before deciding to book a service.

Once the choice is made, 70% of customers would call the company, asking for a quote, providing the necessary information, and finalizing payment details.

Therefore, Pay Per Call advertising, i.e., pay per call leads, is important for any business. It’s call tracking. The results are often better than Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising because the customer calls a business directly instead of clicking.

Pay Per Call advertising results in a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for your business

Pay Per Call is a marketing model designed to encourage people to call your business. Your business would be charged for quality calls generated for them by the marketer. A Pay Per Call campaign is designed to drive customers to call the business. Pay Per Call advertising has the benefit of interacting with every lead. Inbound callers are speaking directly with the business, resulting in higher conversion rates.

When a potential customer comes across your landing page, they should get all the basic information they need to make them click on the call button. These callers know what they are looking for when they call your business and phone number, and it gives you an opportunity to speak directly with them and convert them to a paying customer. Calls leads are known to have the highest ROI compared to any other type of leads.

A Pay Per Call campaign can generate amazing return on investment (ROI). The more customers that call your business, the more revenue you’ll earn. But don’t forget, having a great affiliate program and marketing team is an essential part of reaching full Pay Per Call and ROI potential.


Let’s dig deeper…

Call leads are a big deal because most customers call a business when it’s an emergency service or when it’s important or complicated to them. Buying cleaning products does not require phone interaction. You choose what you want and buy it. But imagine if it’s a complicated service that’s needed: like remodeling the bathroom or insulating a renovated house, or something that they need immediately like replacing auto glass or fixing electrical issues.

These calls are made by serious customers, after seeing your advertising campaigns. As last step in the sales funnel, their value cannot be ignored. They make the difference between cold customers and paying consumers, who provide income to the business.

From the demand for phone leads, combined with the recent technological progress in marketing strategies and the rising popularity of mobile devices, came the advertising model called Pay Per Call.

In a similar way to the PPC (abbreviation refers to “Pay Per Click”, exclusively) method (which brings direct traffic to a website), Pay Per Call lets businesses receive direct phone calls from potential customers.

The rate paid by an advertiser depends on the number of valid leads that are generated.

Who should use Pay Per Call advertising?

Pay Per Call has proved to be a very cost-effective and high-ROI-return advertising model.

This is a growing industry that keeps evolving. It serves well the needs of small to large businesses in various industries.

Some examples of industries and businesses that can benefit from this advertising model are the following:

  • Skilled Trade Professionals
  • Home Service Providers (such as Plumbers, Landscapers and Carpet Cleaners)
  • Contractors and Technicians
  • Automotive Specialists and Locksmiths
  • Insurance and Lawyers
  • Health, Beauty, Pets and Fitness

From the entrepreneur who attempts to make a living starting a moving company to the largest companies that have already gained a thought-leaders reputation, any phone-marketing based business can take advantage of this advertising model and benefit from it.

Well established businesses that have already gained a large clientele through ads in printed media, PPC and other advertising platforms – can use Pay Per Call as an additional source of income. For new business with minimal raised brand awareness and a tight advertising budget, Pay Per Call is a viable solution and can spare the business a long trial and error process.

The Advantages of Pay Per Call

1. Better ROI

One of the best things about Pay Per Call marketing is that you pay for results and you’re not taking any big risks. The ratio of revenue gained versus money invested / lost gives Pay Per Call advertising a very high return on investment. Plus, with the right tracking and analytics systems in place, these leads generated make it easier to focus on running the business while the leads roll in.

With this great of an ROI, and this low of a risk, your investment in Pay Per Call will be worth it. Good leads with high conversion potential are all you’ll be paying for.

2. High Conversion Rate

With more people searching on mobile phones for services, giving them the option to call and speak with a business representative directly has played a huge role in improving conversion rates.

Recent research shows that phone calls convert significantly better than contact forms, outbound cold call, email campaigns and other communication platforms out there.

3. Building Strong Customer Relationships

Businesses that launch Pay Per Call campaigns with external marketing teams can expand their reach drastically with little to no added work on their part. They also have the benefit of complete visibility and control over the calls generated and customer experience. Maintaining brand integrity and ensuring high customer satisfaction is key when working with new marketers. Therefore, Pay Per Call advertising also provides tracking capabilities so businesses know exactly what they are spending.

4. Not a Single Dollar Wasted!

A basic Pay Per Call campaign tracks all calls generated, an inbound call that is not considered valid (based on parameters decided by the marketer and the business) does not count and means no money wasted by the business.


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To recap: The future of business profit is Pay Per Call advertising; with more users searching on mobile phones for products and services, giving them the option to call and speak with a business representative directly has played a huge role in improving conversion rates and ROI.


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